Amsterdam Stopover Mini Guide

Whether you have the luxury of a layover to visit Amsterdam or are just in for a stopover the Amsterdam Stopover Mini Guide, Kindle edition provides all information need to know about Schiphol Airport and Amsterdam.

Amsterdam Schiphol is a popular transport hub. Amsterdam city center is close enough to turn your stopover into a sightseeing trip. If it is shorter, you are trapped at the airport, but this is not a bad thing at all. This huge, vibrant airport is the ideal place to stretch your legs in between flights. You may need as much as forty minutes to walk from one side of the airport to the other, so put on your walking shoes.

 If your Schiphol stopover is longer than four hours, you can easily visit Amsterdam and be back in time for your connecting flight. Amsterdam Stopover Mini Guide, Kindle edition, helps you to get the most out of your stopover.

Amsterdam Stopover Mini Guide is divided into eleven chapters

I - Schiphol Stopover: Airport Sightseeing
2 – Where to Change Money at Schiphol
3 - Schiphol Luggage Lockers
4 - How to get to Amsterdam by train
5 - What Train Ticket to Buy and Where
6 - Schiphol Layover / Stopover - Trip to Amsterdam
7 - Two Museums - Sex Museum and Our Lord in the Attic
8 – Guided Stopover Tour
9 - Hotels near Schiphol Airport
10 - Self-guided Walking Tour
11 – Go Dutch Rent a Bike

Chapter 1 – Airport Sightseeing includes details where to shop for duty-free goods, food and drink suggestions and where you can find showers and a day room. Schiphol is the only airport in the world to have a museum and an art trail, with the Mini Guide providing directions for both.

Chapter 2 - Where to Change Money at Schiphol gives locations and opening hours of Bank branches and where to find ATMs.

Chapters 3 – 8 provide information about train tickets, including where to buy them and how to travel to Amsterdam city center. When you follow the instructions of the do-it-yourself walking tour, you will see some important Amsterdam sights. A stopover doesn't allow enough time to visit the Anne Frank House unless tickets have been booked online. The Mini Guide suggests a visit to Our Lord in the Attic, a museum containing a clandestine church tucked away on the attic of a seventeenth century canal house. If you are in a silly or curious mood, the Sex Museum will satisfy all your wishes.

Chapters 10 – gives step-by-step instructions of a walking tour through the Red Light District, Chinatown and suggests a visit to Cannabis College, an information center highlighting the uses of cannabis and hemp.

Amsterdam Stopover Mini Guide, Kindle edition, file size 21KB will serve you as an ideal guide during your layover or stopover at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. This Kindle Mini Guide will help you to find your way in Amsterdam and at Schiphol Airport and turn your stopover into a serendipitous sightseeing trip.

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